VidMate APK Download from – VidMate 2019 Latest Version


Since 2013, VidMate App has been a great entertainment companion for nearly 6 years. In addition to the most basic YouTube video download function, videos download from other sites are also available on VidMate 2019 latest version, including Facebook, TikTok, Vemo and other social medias.


In addition to video downloads, nowadays, audio downloads, audio converts, image downloads, etc. are also available to meet various leisure needs of different users. Full HD movies can be watched in app online or downloaded and enjoyed offline, collecting resources of different movie websites; different videos can be viewed, downloaded or shared by social media or status.

Part 1. How to access VidMate APK Download free?

VidMate Apk download cannot be found on Google Play because the main features certainly work against Google’s policies. The only way should be resorting to other alternative download channels to get hold of valid VidMate Apk download.

VidMate Apk is available in many trustworthy Android app stores, and its official website and distribution channels are valid and safe.

It is worth mentioning that VidMate APP also contains and serves as a small app store that provides several app downloads that are also not available for download in the Google Store.


Download from now, a trustworthy platform. now provide VidMate Apk download for the latest version.

VidMate 2019 had a profound upgrade on download manager experience, making the download more stable and reliable. The Optimization of analysis result list also make a better user-friendly app.

Part 2. How to download videos on Android device?

VidMate is a desi platform to download and save videos on Android Device. Even without any instruction, the user-friendly surface enable you to get command of the steps of downloading videos.

  • Launch the app first by tapping on VidMate icon on your phone.
  • Browse the app to see if there is any videos or audios you like on the recommendation page. Watch online or download to enjoy. The app already put a variety trending videos and music on the home page and there are many tabs including dance and comedy for you to explore.
  • If you fail to find anything you are interested, use the search bar. Whether type the exact name of a movie or just a general keyword, the search engine will respond to you the most revelent result and you may gain the online and download resources of your desired videos or music.

Part 3. Is VidMate Apk harmful for my device? / Is VidMate safe to install?

As mentioned above, VidMate Apk download is not available on Google Play, which cause some concern whether this kind of free video download apk will hack our sim card message and calls. If you are worrying that your personal information or privacy harmed by VidMate Apk download, it is really overreacted.


The original intention of VidMate Developer is working to provide you the service of downloading videos and watching movies without too much restrictions and they are still working on making it possible for users to watch and share videos any time anywhere. Therefore, VidMate is non-virus and safe to download. Of course, VidMate Apk download from unsafe resources may carry virus and harm your Android device.

So, it is recommended to get VidMate Apk Download from official website or other trusted third-party platforms. Besides, it would better to download the latest version. VidMate 2019 fixed some bugs of the previous version, improved on users experience and certainly did better in security and privacy protection.

Part 4. VidMate 2019 Review from Users

Several users of VidMate think highly of its function and service. VidMate team is still working on it to improve its download speed, video resolution and more. See what users say about VidMate App.


VidMate APK download from is easy and safe. It is convenient and fast to use when it comes to downloading videos of what you desire.

VidMate APK download from is easy and safe. It is convenient and fast to use when it comes to downloading videos of what you desire.
Nutan Bajaj

Best on download speed among all the video download apps! VidMate just stole my loyalty and heart from other similar apps lol! The download speed of VidMate is 100 times better than others. Even it is a huge HD video file from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc, it only takes a couple of minutes to download from VidMate while it may take 15 minutes or more from other apps.
Dipti Srivastava

Must have app for android. VidMate APK download is simple and safe. VidMate’s greatest function is to download videos from YouTube. It works well on download speed and seldom lags on my device. Yet the live TV is hard to find. Anyway, it is an app that worth being recommended.
Harpreet Mathew